The future of fitness and fat loss
  • immediate reduction of waste size will enable you to loose put to 3 or 4 inches and fit into your skinny jeans again.

Take the Skinny Jeans Test

Take the skinny jeans test after a single treatment you can lose up to 3 inches with futura pro by ultratoneExperience the results of a new Futura Fit™ Inch Loss Program [1]. Bring in a pair of skinny jeans and enjoy your new you as you pull on and button those formerly too-tight pants after just one session*. Supported by science, the combination ultrasound treatment and Transtim™ muscle re-education tones those critical areas that define the body. Your formerly tight jeans won’t lie about your treatment results.


Your shape depends on many factors including heredity, lifestyle and age that effect your muscle tone and the fatty layers under your skin. You can alter your muscle tone and subcutaneous fat with a lifestyle change such as increased exercise or dieting. The new Futura Fit Program can give you a head start toward your goal.


The Program utilizes the a new technology from Current Beauty, which is the first system to combines ultrasound energy and Transtim electrical current to achieve these remarkable results that cannot be obtained with cryolipolysis. Combined with our recommended diet, supplements, and quick everyday fitness program your body can achieve a new look and you will feel better almost immediately.

Because Skinny Jeans Don’t Lie

[1] An Innovative Non-Surgical System for Body Contouring,Cellulite Reduction, and Improved Health, Gregory Chernoff, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C), Chernoff and Associates Cosmetic Surgery, Laser, and Wellness Centers

*Results cannot be guaranteed and may vary depending on parameters and physiology.