The future of fitness and fat loss

1. Treatment

Layout 1The program starts with your initial session involving sonophoresis and Tanstim to improve circulation, re-educated muscles in the area. You will see results after your first 60 minute session. Results cannot be guaranteed and may vary depending on parameters and physiology.

2. Exercise

7_1stblonde_model_with_tapeOf course intense fitness programs can get you in incredible shape, but they are not for everyone. Chances are you are you are like many others looking for a program like Futura Fit. We feel it is more important to do a reasonable program, something easy and quick, than to do nothing. We’ve selected a program which we feel is an ideal complement to your Futura Pro sessions, and it is available as an app for your phone.

Perigee App 7 minute workout

We recommend SEVEN by Perigee.  A program requiring only 7 minutes a day.  Using nothing more than a chair, a wall, and your own body weight, you can accomplish a daily physical workout that will dramatically improve your well-being. Available as a convenient app.

3. Diet

diest alternate dayIf you are disciplined to diet everyday than any healthy diet will work. We use the Alternate Day Diet. The program compliments the Futura Pro session and SEVEN exercise plan allowing you to achieve your goal with the minimum effort and least investment in time.

The Alternate-Day Diet: Turn on Your “Skinny Gene,” Shed the Pounds, and Live a Longer and HealthierLife

The original intermittent fasting plan is easy to follow, effective, and science-based. The Alternate-Day Diet is based on scientific and clinical studies that show how restricting calories only every other day activates a gene called SIRT1 the skinny gene, which results in reduced inflammation, improved insulin resistance, better cellular energy production, and releasing fat cells from around the organs to promote weight loss.


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